Have you ever noticed how much information is in the human face? Since we’re all wearing masks these days, what can we do to communicate clearly and brightly during Covid 19?
Luckily, we can still smile with our eyes. And what a huge difference that makes! One of the highlights of my day is seeing the smile in the eyes of the woman who does the daily Covid check when I drop my son off at school. She’s generally curious and delighted when she gets the “all clear” and is able to take James into the school. I see her eyes brighten, and the joy lines speading out. What a difference that makes! And if it wasn’t “all clear” and we had to turn around and go home or to be tested, I’m sure her kindness and empathy would help in that crummy situation too. I appreciate that she smiles with her eyes, and I do my best to do that too.
We can also smile with our words. We may need to cover our mouths and socially distance our bodies, and this can lead some people to socially distancing their positive curiosity and empathy, as well. I hope that’s not the case with you and the people you see out in the world. Though we stand apart physically, it seems both nourishing and vitally important to lean in emotionally.
If fear, sadness, or anxiety, are making it hard for you to connect with yourself or others, I’d be happy to help with that.
Be Well!
Lindsey Jay Walsh