In Person and Phone Sessions

As things are opening up again and cases are low in Manitoba, I’ve decided to meet with clients in person again. Ongoing precautions will include staggering client meetings so there is time to wipe down all touched surfaces between sessions and ensuring healthy social...

Telephone and Video Sessions

Pear Tree Family Therapy continues! During this period of caution and care, I am delighted to continue working with clients. Sometimes they call me from their living rooms; sometimes from their "car office" in order to have some space from their families. I've even...

Teach Your Children Beautiful Questions – Part 1

One of the special things about kindergarten, and why it is so important, is that it can be a perfect environment for learning with curiosity and passion. There are no tests to “teach to” and there is very little to memorize. (Though memorizing certain things matters a lot, too.) In kindergarten, it’s still ok not to know the answer to something. In kindergarten, it’s still ok to ask questions.

Therapist Office in a House?

Therapist Office in a House?

Some people think a therapy practice at home is weird. Not only at home, but in my living room. It's not like on the HBO show "In Treatment" where the Dr. Weston has a whole separate entryway for his therapy practice. Nope. When clients come to Pear Tree, they come...

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