Family Therapy

Is there discord in your family? Is their grief from trauma or loss? Do you want to create peace, responsibility-taking, clear communication, and joy? I work with families to quell the misery. Together, we cut through assumptions, misunderstanding, and pain to identify the real trouble, and work together to solve it.


Family therapy often:

  • Helps people hear each other across generational gaps. – Like a “horse whisperer” but for people across the lifecycle.
  • Teaches parents how to engage and guide their children through difficult times.
  • Supports siblings (young and old) in healing wounds between them or between them and their caregivers.
  • Ensures that each family member, no matter how old or with what level of authority has space to share their experiences and to feel heard by others.
  • Ends the tyranny of unhelpful patterns and to builds new, better patterns of action and communication.
  • Guides people into communication and action strategies that work.

To learn more about the Family Therapy services offered at Pear Tree Therapy, contact Lindsey Jay Walsh today.

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