Marriage & Relationship Therapy

Do We Need Couples Counselling?

Almost any couple that is willing to heal and grow can learn how to have a fulfilling and nurturing intimate relationship.

There are very clear and simple skills we can learn that will help us heal our wounds and create healthy relationships. It takes some work, but committed individuals and couples can learn how to soothe themselves, hear one another, make amends, and create emotional safety and tenderness.

Should We Stay Together?

In some cases, couples wonder if they are good for one another and they come to counselling to figure out if they should stay together or separate.

When they make the decision to end the relationship, the right support and guidance can help the separation clearer and less painful for themselves and, if there are kids, for them, too.

How Does It Work?

Every week, I help struggling individuals and couples live happier and healthier lives by teaching them how to swap out toxic relationship patterns with nourishing ones. We put a spotlight on the unhealthy patterns and begin to mend and change them with courage, clarity, and compassion (and a bit of elbow grease).

We Can Learn How To Build The Relationships We Need!

Give me a call and we can discuss how I might help you and your partner break the patterns that are causing strife in your relationship.

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