Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child and adolescent therapy can provide a safe atmosphere for youth to express themselves and to feel heard. This helps them feel trusting and secure, which – along with care, some good ideas, and guidance – helps soothe and heal many forms of distress which children can feel. Also, since children and youth often express themselves best with play and other forms of action, working with them often involves getting out the felt markers, legos, puppets, or other means of engagement and self-expression.

Kids and teens generally feel stronger, healthier, and safer a lot more quickly when their parents or other adults are actively involved in their treatment. However, from time to time, a child or adolescent needs to share their feelings, thoughts, and wishes without worrying about the response of the adults in their lives. For these reasons, I balance meeting with children and youth solo along with sessions involving parents and caregivers.

For all kids under the age of 16, a parent or other caring adult is expected to take part in the first session. At times, I may request to meet with the concerned adult without the child being present.

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