Many of us are either struggling with addictions ourselves or know someone who is. Research has proven that people who feel loved and cared for are less prone to suffering from addictive behaviours.

Some addictions are more serious than others and are often the result of wanting to avoid dealing with thoughts and emotions that are uncomfortable or painful. Addictive behaviours are also linked to wanting to maintain pleasant feelings or memories.

I work with clients that are self aware and understand that these behaviours could be or are causing significant issues and problems in their lives.

Some common forms of addiction include;

  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Sex
  • Technology
  • Eating
  • Shopping

Working with you, we’ll develop an individualized treatment plan that utilizes the support provided from a spouse, family member and / or support group that’s designed to guide you through the recovery process.

Read more about addictions on our blog. To find out more specifics about the Addiction Therapy services at Pear Tree, contact Lindsey Jay Walsh today.

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