Lindsey Jay Walsh

MMFT – Family Therapist

As an experienced marriage and family therapist, I help Manitobans grow and heal from trauma, loss, bad habits, and toxic relationships.

I help individuals access their compassion, clarity, and courage, because I believe we each deserve to follow our own inner compass. We need to recharge our batteries when things like anxiety, infidelity, addiction, trauma, or loss get us down. That’s my goal for individual, couple, and family therapy: recharging, healing, and improving communication. In the process, we learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us. Through therapy, we are given the tools to help us create the conditions for better relationships. We learn how to be true to ourselves and our loved ones.

Education & Experience

I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Winnipeg. In that program, I gathered four years of clinical experience helping individuals, couples, families before starting my career. I’m proud to say that the MMFT program at the University of Winnipeg is one of the most thorough programs of its kind and puts far more emphasis on experience, training, and growth of the therapist than most. Since graduation, I have worked with a larger therapy organization, contributed in the not-for-profit sector, done a bit of volunteering to help my community, and now I run this private practice, with the most comfortable therapy couch in Winnipeg.

Along with my role as a marriage and family therapist, I am passionate about being a dad. In my spare time, I enjoy writing songs, building furniture, and coaching my son’s baseball team. I also love spending time with my dog Steve, who I treat like a person.

About Steve

Dogs are a wonderful reminder that life reveals the best of itself when we live in the moment with unconditional love.

Steve is my Jack Russell Terrier who greets our clients each day with a wag of the tail and an enthusiastic step. Steve takes his role as director of greetings (or D.O.G.) at Pear Tree Family Therapy very seriously. He has a wonderful ability to add a level of comfort and positivity to your session. If you’re allergic to or are afraid of dogs, please let us know.

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