Pear Tree Family Therapy continues!

During this period of caution and care, I am delighted to continue working with clients. Sometimes they call me from their living rooms; sometimes from their “car office” in order to have some space from their families.

I’ve even started helping a few new clients which is surprising and delightful.

Tuning into people over the phone is different from working face-to-face, but we keep on doing meaningful work. The human voice is so rich and full of intonation and meaning. Luckily, I am just as caring and curious over the phone as I am in person!

If this self-isolation continues among us, I will begin offering sessions using a secure video platform. Let me know if that would be a preference of yours and we can set up a meeting over Zoom. Privacy matters, and this is one platform that offers end-to-end security.

Please don’t hesitate to call or write if you have any questions.

I wish you well!

Lindsey Jay Walsh, MMFT